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ddo platinum,ddo plat,ddo gold.Austria’s city of Graz is one of the most relaxing places in the country. With approximately 285,000 inhabitants, this second largest city of Austria is comprised of Renaissance architecturally designed courtyards with other structures merging with modernity even with the existence of baroque-styled palaces. Eurail pass holders may travel to Graz while enjoying the scenic route and may be exquisitely captivated with the beauty of the vineyards, springs and mountains as the city’s backdrop.
Historically, the city of Graz was once inhabited by the Alpine Slavic group of people. In 1128, the name “Graz” was initially used for the city and the place started to become a trading center. It was ruled by the Habsburgs who made the city as the residential area of the Habsburgs’ royalty. Italian artists and Renaissance architects planned and controlled the design of various city structures. In fact, the construction of the city’s University of Graz, the oldest university in the area, was constructed through the mandate of Archduke Charles II in 1585. It was brought to closure, however, by Joseph II in 1782 due to his desire to control the education system of the city. It was re-opened as a university again by Emperor Franz I changing its name to Karl-Franzens Universitat. When Adolf Hitler visited the university in 1938, he was widely greeted with enough warmth. The city was consequently controlled by the Nazis who destroyed the Jewish Community as a result.